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Flat Foot Reconstruction

Flat Foot Reconstruction

Flat Foot Reconstruction services offered in Austin, Lakeway and Cedar Park, TX

Consider flat foot reconstruction if you have flat feet that cause you pain or mobility problems. At Austin Foot & Ankle Institute, in Austin and Bee Cave, Texas, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Pedro E. Cosculluela, MD offers complete care for flat feet, including flat foot reconstruction surgery. Dr. Cosculluela can improve your foot posture and help you return to your favorite activities. Call the nearest office to request a flat foot reconstruction consultation today, or make an appointment online.

Flat Foot Reconstruction Q&A

What is flat foot reconstruction?

Flat foot reconstruction is a type of orthopedic surgery used to treat flat feet.

Everyone is born with flat feet, but most people develop arches by early childhood. Sometimes the foot arches never form. While this typically isn’t a problem, for some people, it results in foot pain and other issues. In adults, a flat foot can result from failure of a tendon behind the ankle, the posterior tibial tendon.

During flat foot reconstruction, your doctor uses surgical tools to repair or reshape the ligaments, tendons, and bones in your arches. The process provides additional support and lasting pain relief.

Who is a candidate for flat foot reconstruction?

You might be a candidate for flat foot reconstruction if you:

  • Have flat feet as diagnosed by X-ray
  • Are in good health and capable of undergoing anesthesia
  • Have tried conservative and minimally invasive treatments without relief
  • Have constant foot or heel pain

Dr. Cosculluela also uses flat foot surgery to help people return to their favorite activities, like exercise.

What does flat foot reconstruction involve?

There are several types of flatfoot reconstruction surgery. Depending on your bone structure and body type, your doctor might recommend:

Tendon transfer surgery

Sometimes flat feet occur due to soft tissue imbalances. During a tendon transfer, your doctor takes a healthy tendon from another part of your body and strategically places it near the affected arch.



Most flat foot reconstructions require an osteotomy, a cut in the bone, to allow the surgeon to realign the arch. They use special surgical tools to cut or remove excess bone and slide them into different locations.


Fusion surgery

If the deformity is not manually correctable or if the joints are arthritic, your doctor may recommend fusion surgery. Fusion uses pins or screws to hold your bones together. The bones then fuse together restoring the arch alignment and minimizing stress on the neighboring joints.


What type of flat foot reconstruction might benefit me?

The type of flat foot reconstruction that will most benefit you depends on various factors, including age, the severity of your flatfeet, and their effect on your quality of life. After a comprehensive exam and diagnostic imaging, your doctor makes personalized surgery recommendations.

Call the nearest Austin Foot & Ankle Institute office to learn more about flat foot reconstruction today, or make an appointment online.

In addition to performing a thorough history and physical examination, we will obtain new radiographs of the foot and/or ankle during your visit. If radiographs have already been done, our physicians will review those radiographs and any additional studies - MRI, CT, bone scans, etc - that are available through our PACS access to local facilities. We also offer durable medical equipment - braces, boots, OTC casts - at the office. We have relationships with local orthotic and prosthetic shops for those who need more specialized bracing and orthotic care. Additional services include diagnostic and therapeutic injections with steroids, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and other stem cell preparations.